Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bekisting Kolom Produk PERI - tipe RAPID (rapid column formwork)

RAPID Column formwork

RAPID Column formworkRAPID Column formworkRAPID Column formworkMore images

For flawless fairfaced concrete

Perfect concrete surfaces can be achieved using RAPID column formwork. Through the unique, patented clamping principle, the plywood is simply clamped to the frame. This results in high quality concrete surfaces without any unsightly nail or screw indentations. The chamfer strips effectively seal the corner areas. Using the RAPID system, rectangular or square column cross-sections up to 60 x 60 cm can be continuously constructed without requiring any additional anchors in the concrete. Columns with sharp edges are also possible.

  • Fast assembly
    The plywood is cut to size and clamped between clamping profiles. Screws and nails are things of the past.
    The three frame heights of 3.00 m, 2.10 m and 60 cm provide ideal height adjustments.
  • Crane-free basic assembly
    The lightweight aluminium elements allow basic assembly to be done manually.
  • Strong frame construction
    The robust, practical closed construction of the column frames allows the PERI RAPID column formwork to withstand rough handling. The ECC powder coating guarantees that cleaning is kept to a minimum.
  • High fresh concrete pressure
    The RAPID column has been designed for a very high fresh concrete pressure of 120 kN/m² which allows fast concreting. The usually very high pouring speeds for columns can easily be withstood.
  • References
  • 4th Ave. Jail, Phoenix, AZ
  • Altbach Power Plant in Southern Germany
  • Life Sciences Center at Stony Brook, NY, USA
  • Heritage Brookdale Project, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
  • BWI MARC Parking Garage Expansion, Baltimore, MD, USA
  • ... more Projects

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