Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ebook teknik Pengeboran Pondasi

Ebook " Teknik Pengeboran Pondasi"

penulis : Widi Sudjatmika ST

halaman : 164 A5

langkanya buku buku mengenai ketrampilan lapangan di bidang TEKNIK SIPIL menggelitik saya untuk menulis buku ini. Kurangnya referensi pada awal terjun ke lapangan mengharuskan saya memeras energi mengadu logika dengan mereka yang telah "ngelotok" dilapangan namun beda posisi. saya dipercaya menjadi pengawas yang waktu itu masih "Hijau" diharuskan untuk mengadu arjumen dengan mereka para kontraktor yang sudah expert.
beberapa proyek membuat saya matang sehingga lahirlah buku ini. harapan saya semoga buku ini dapat menjadi referensi bagi mereka terutama engineer muda agar lebih pede menghadapi kolega mereka yang telah expert.

Buku ini berisi macam macam peralatan pengeboran dan berbagai komponennya dari A sampai Z, macam macam teknik pengeboran, bor basah bor kering, kekkurangan dan kelebihan masing masing, tata cara pengeboran, tata cara penulangan, tata cara pengecoran agar tidak gagal, dan strategi lahan agar tidak mati langkah.

Buku ini bukan text book melainkan referensi pendamping saja yang memperkaya khasanah engineer dalam dunia pondasi bor.

buku ini kami jual dengan harga :

Harga : Rp. 40.000,-

Transfer : BCA 0120215329 a.n Widi Sujatmika

Konfirmasi pesan ke 0817 0736325 atau ke

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Secant Pile for Retaining Wall

Secant Pile Wall is a retaining wall made of piles which are interlocked with each other

Un-reinforced Primary Pile

Reinforced Primary Piles

Working Process

Actual View after Digging

Friday, November 4, 2011

Asphalt Mixing Plant (AMP)

Asphalt Drum Mix Plants

Construction of roads were never easy before, but with Speedcrafts Asphalt Drum Mix Plants its easier now . HavingAmerican Design and latest technology, look out for complete details on Asphalt mixing plants with its individual components and other related technical details. Speedcrafts Asphalt plants are among the prime product which is accepted worlwide. Speedcrafts is among the best Asphalt Drum Mix plants manufacturer, producer & suppliers in international & domestic market

Asphalt Wet Mix Plants

Speedcrafts is well established and renowned name in the world, as a supplier; manufacturer and exporter of these cement soil mixing plants/wet mix plants. Highly acclaimed in the international market, we don't compromise with the quality of products. Tested under extreme conditions our wet mix macadam plants have proven track records with great performance history.

Asphalt Batch Mix Plants

Asphalt batch mix plants are important equipment required while constructing the road. Asphalt Batch mix plant are highly useful in construction of road. Very much popular in the road construction industry these Asphalt batching plants from Speedcrafts are technologically far ahead. find out more about Asphalt batch mix plant. Speedcrafts is manufacturer, exporter & suplier of Asphalt Batch mix plants.

Concrete Batch Mix Plant

Concrete batch mix plants supplied by Speedcrafts is popular all over the world and a growing nation always go for these kind of quality and standardized machineries. State of art technology and modern building standards have set these concrete batching plants ahead in the race. If you are looking for a reliable supplier, exporter and manufacturer for these concrete batch mix plants then you are at the right place. Request for the best customized quote.

Asphalt Hot Mix Plants

Bitumen Mixers from Speedcrafts are very much compact and totally self contained bitumen and aggregate mixing plants, trailer mounted on 4 nos. pneumatic wheels with drawbar and turntable to ensure easy towing. Each and every control can be reached easily by the operator. Check out our Mobile Asphalt Hot Mix plants. Find details information of all the components of Asphalt hoy mix plants.

Diesel Hammer ( pile driver foundation)

Diesel hammers used to drive pile have been around for over 50 years. Diesel impact hammers deliver more force per square inch relative to hammer weight than other pile driving device.  .  Diesel hammers can be used with almost any soil mechanics without compromising effectiveness.
Over the years diesel hammers have evolved into very efficient clean burning machines with much less noise than their older counterparts.  They are not, however, the hammer of choice for low overhead situations or ultra-sensitive urban job sites without sound attenuation.  The diesel hammer is activated by raising an internal ram or piston typically using a crane and dropping the ram using a quick release.  Utilizing the joint forces of gravity and diesel combustion the diesel hammer provides very efficient energy.  This process meets the needs of dense or hard soil but requires significant overhead clearance to allow the hammer to be positioned atop a pile to initiate driving.   Although experienced contractors can customize or adapt equipment for tighter spaces, significant overhead clearance is required for the hammer to operate.
Newer methods of installation for driven or cast-in-place piles can provide solutions where overhead space is at a premium or in environmentally sensitive areas.  Despite these new technologies the diesel hammer remains the work horse of most jobs requiring driven piles. Finding the right piling solution for a project is reliant on the contractor's knowledge of pile  equipment, his understanding of the site specific soil mechanics and composition, project management, and experience with customization techniques if standard equipment is deemed inadequate. At Foundation Constructors, Inc., we use an evaluation process that helps us help our clients choose the right pile installation method. And, many times the right method includes a diesel hammer. 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Top Down Construction

The top-down method of construction enables a high-rise superstructure and its sub-basement to be built simultaneously. Perimeter foundation walls are constructed using the concrete diaphragm or secant wall methods. Load-bearing elements or drilled shafts are installed and the building columns brought up to grade level. Ground level and first basement slabs are poured, with access holes left to allow excavation beneath. As each subsequent subgrade level is completed, the floors act as lateral bracing for the perimeter wall system. Above grade construction can proceed while the subgrade work is ongoing since the building’s structural support is already in place.

Take from

Sekilas mengenai top down construction methode,
metode ini didasari dari dua kepentingan :
1. menekan biaya pembuatan retaining wall pada multistore basement struktur (struktur basemen betingkat banyak) yang biasanya menggunakan soil nailing maupun strouting.
2. menekan waktu yang lama pada saat menggunakan metode konstruksi bottom up. dimana waktu terbanyak biasanya dipakai untuk pembuatan retaining wall dan struktur basemen. baru setelah selesai dilanjutkan dengan upper structurenya.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Produk concrete strenghtening / Perkuatan beton

Produk TYFO untuk pekerjaan konstruksi

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Info mengenai Coupler